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October 27, 2010

3 weeks ago I had an interview for a Teacher Assistant position here in Seattle. I got the job! How exciting! The interviewer asked me to wait (if possible) for the program to take off. I waited 3 weeks. Today (on the day of the orientation) I found out that they were unable to hire a second Grad Assistant (me) because of lack of funding.


Here’s my general feeling about the situation:




On a better note…



I am going home to New York for Thanksgiving! I get to see:





October 24, 2010


1) This cartoon my roommate Jamie found. If you knew her cat, Nutmeg, you wouldn’t laugh because it’s all true. Her eyes bleed red with murder. Please see below :

(Do not let the pumpkin bandanna lull you into a false sense of security)


2) Feeling Parisian. Current listenings are:

3) This leaf that hitched a ride with me to class.


4) Marcel the Shell. “We won’t fight unless we’re provoked.”


5) This portrait we found at Value Village. Somehow smiling he still maintains his splendor.

Not so much:

1) Finding Nutmeg sleeping on a cutting board of cauliflower remnants.


2) What my life now consists of. I took the liberty of adding a red hue to the cubicle to give the impression that the library basement is in fact, hell.

(note: Diet Pepsi actually belongs in heaven)


3) Nutmeg’s raccoon tail. This puffed up appendage means, “I will claw your face off, so you should probably get out of here.” I see it in my nightmares and also on a daily basis. *

4) Organic heirloom tomatoes that cost $3 each. Not that I’ve actually bought them (twice) but I always feel bad for that person that goes up to the register, is told the amount and then is too spineless to say “no thanks that waaaay overpriced.” …..

5) Lack of Halloween inspiration. Maybe I’ll just throw on a wig and call it a day. Or maybe this pumpkin sweatband.



* If you are thinking I hate Nutmeg, you are fooled. I actually love Nutmeg. So much so that Julia and I immortalized her on a pumpkin. Pictures to come.

It’s true.

October 22, 2010

So, after a long hiatus of getting my life together, I did it! I got my life together. And we’re back and better than ever. Oh blog world, nostalgia hit hard and we meet again. It’s dreamy, really.


Here are some updates:

1) I love fall.

2) I moved to Seattle.

Here are some pictures of the two intertwined:

I’m sure you’ve wondered how I arrived here. It only took 9 days, 3,000 miles, one prairie dog bite, 8 sweet teas, 2 questionable hotels, one deep dish pizza, 2 GPS systems, $335 worth of gas, an atlas and a baby Versa.

(Click below)


P.S. I’m happy to be back in cyberspace.


More to come!

Kate Barker

live in Seattle, WA



1) My new circa 1950’s retro luggage I found at a consignment shop. 3 pieces for $36. And it’s monogramed! We decided that AMH stands for “All My Happiness.” 

2) This scenario:

My 25 year old brother and I are driving to the airport. I hear a song on the radio that I neither know nor like. He is singing it at the top of his lungs. I give him a look. He says with a straight face: “You are the lightning. I am the thunder. Selena Gomez. Get with it.”

3) “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. 

4) Capturing my mom’s lifeless body on our  swing.

5) This album cover. Our band is called Red-Headed Helen Keller, Luscious Locks & the Vegetarian.

Not so much:

1) Studying for my GRE. Reason why blog writing has been so minimal. Apologies! At least I know what “piebald” means now (multi-colored / calico)…?

2) Eating extremely buttered movie theatre popcorn for dinner. You might like it at the time. You will hate it in the morning. 

3) Gnats in the eyes. Does anyone else seem to always walk into a swarm of gnats with eyes wide open?

4) Finding out that there’s a sexual predator on the prowl that has harassed two women on my running route. Guess I’ll have to change it up, huh? 

5) Unscented air freshener. This can’t possibly work. I have no confidence as I deodorize our work bathroom. 

California Chris came to NY! We had a lot of fun anchoring ourselves in different tourist locations / talking for hours. Also, my uncle John hooked us up and we got some cool pics at the top of the Empire State Building. VIP status with a hologram card. Photo montage….now!

number of redemption

May 2, 2010


1) This little series of photos entitled, We’re on our way to the zoo!” On a related note, I am loving the hipstamatic app for el iphone. 

2) The Bronx Zoo was so much fun. I love friends, animals, 80 degree weather and jumbo pretzels. So you know I was happy. Also, Joe found a parking spot on the street cause he’s a supa freak. So that was great too. 

[ I didn’t get a family shot of Janine, Adrian, Vicky and the babies like I thought I did. That shot should be in this little montage. Wahh. ]

3) Gorillas get their own spot because they are so beautiful. I definitely knocked out a few dozen children to get these shots.

4) After the zoo we went to Arthur Avenue for some Italian food. I think we would have enjoyed it more if we weren’t exhausted from walking 45 miles all morning/afternoon.

5) On Friday night I put on some heels and got to celebrate my birth with my friends. Hilarity ensued.

Not so much:

1) Birthday week 2010 is officially over.


a birthday blog

April 29, 2010

Today was/is my birthday. It was a great day. Thank God we celebrate birthday weeks here in the Barker family. Let the fun continue! Here are some highlights so far:

1) Treasures in the mail. 

2) Erin and I found badminton racquets in Randy’s office today. We decided to play badminton with an office partition as a net and toiletpaper as a shuttlecock. I spiked the hell out of that toilet paper roll and Erin presented me with an MVP certificate. First time I ever got a sports related award. Dreams do come true.

3) My dad sent me an Edible Arrangements from California because he couldn’t be here. I love Edible Arrangements but my dad more.

[ Dad sleeping at some family function I can’t recall ]

Ok, so I’m not feeling a few things:

1) This sad kitty. I want to say, “Smile, Kitty! It’s your birthday!” And then I realize it’s a cat shoved into a stupid sweater sitting at a table, poor beast. 

2) Mi manchi troppo.