Happy Mother’s Day

May 8, 2011

to the most beautiful woman I know:

I love you even when you ruin a great picture of us by creepily staring into space:

Thank you for putting up with me taking care of me for so many years!


hodge + podge

April 12, 2011

Spring has sprung in Seattle. I like alliteration. And standing in the street to get a photo, but people here don’t judge you for that. They judge you for wearing gold and hating sensible footwear. Amongst many other things. But here we go. Spring, documented for all you NYers still traipsing around town in your Ugg boots.

Seattleites also like making something pretty out of something ugly. Prime example: Gas Works Park. Once a gasification plant (?), this park now opens it’s scary, industrial arms to the public for both fun, and views beyond your wildest imagination. I should be a travel writer. You will witness fun outdoor activities like hula hooping and tightrope walking.

If you’re not in the mood for the outdoors (gasp, you should be stoned) then play some Big Buck Hunter and everyone in Seattle will forget that you’re a horrible human for the time being. Hit a lion and they may love you forever.

Or maybe you’re more into dusting off the wii and shaking it like a polaroid picture.

So, as you can see, Seattle is grand. And here’s me sitting on a troll.


Seattle Public Transit

March 29, 2011

Seattle has some pretty kooky characters. All you have to do is step onto a free ride area bus in downtown Seattle to meet one. I decided to write a post about the ten most interesting bus experiences/characters I’ve had thus far in Seattle. This post isn’t picture heavy, for good reason. You can thank me now. You’re welcome.

1) A man in normal street clothes and a satin top hat simply enjoying his afternoon ride.

2) Scene: a little girl is talking to her mother for a few minutes about all the things she wants to visit in Seattle. A lady in front of them turns around and screams, SHUT UP!!!!!!! at the top of her lungs. The mother and daughter continue to talk in whispers, unfazed.

3) A man gets off the bus walking around with these as his shoes:

4) Julia and I sit across from a dog shoved into a ladies backpack so precariously that it looks like it’s just a head riding on the bus.

5) I hear an awful sound coming from the back. I don’t turn around because I realize a woman is hocking loogies behind me. I just hope she is a safe distance away (note: This is the first time I have ever written out “hocking loogies.” I had to look up the spelling, don’t judge me.).

6) Scene: A drunk man is starting all kinds of trouble with people on the bus. He has a stare off for about 1.5 minutes with a man sitting across from me. He then gets up and breaths his wonderfully stale beer into my face and tries to sit/squeeze in between my friend Timothy and I (of course he does, we’re great!). Timothy, fed up at this point in time, puts up his hand, cocks his head to the side , points to the back of the bus and says, “SIR. SIT. DOWN.” My hero. Polite too.

7) A girl sits next to me and hits me every 3 seconds with her elbow on a 25 minute bus ride. I don’t say anything because she is very sweet and texting furiously. I bit her adieu. The next day she sits next to me again. This time she yells into her bedazzled iphone for 25 minutes. I bid her adieu, again. Then I see her as I’m running around Greenlake the following weekend. I can’t escape her and I’m now scared of riding the 16.

8 ) A cat meowing at the top of it’s poor lungs because it’s owner has it in a bag. I wanted to say, “let the cat out of the bag!” but I hate cliches.

9) A man made me shake hands with him. When I got to work I washed my hands in scalding water.

10) A man comes onto the bus with a large cooler and a bottle of window cleaner. Singing “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics, he starts combing his beard. While I am writing down all of these incredible details so I never forget him, he looks at me and says, “You a writer?” I shake my head, no. His reply: “Oooohhh, so you just write stuff down so you don’t forget.” Exactly.

Here’s to you, crazy bus people. See you tomorrow.

Oh drats! I left my USB chord for my Nikon in Seattle and can’t show you all the joyous Christmas-y fun I’ve been having in New York. Trust me, it’s been quite holly + jolly around these parts.

For example:

Bowling with friends for Shad + Amanda’s combo birthday.

(I scored a 76 and then a 109, so yeah, life is good.)



having this hedonistic ball of fur follow me around:

(sensor bar unavailable)


Even Christina Aguilera’s indulgent voice on my pandora.com Christmas radio station can’t get me down! Now if only I could do something about my broken knee thanks to Shad sling-shotting me across Bryant Park’s ice skating rink… ¬†<– necessary ellipsis

Well, the end of the quarter is looming and I’ve been negligent in more ways than one. For example, I haven’t been writing on this interwebz. Second, I have not swiffered my floor like I promised myself I would 2 weeks ago. Apologies in the grandest form.



1) Why is Jason Schwartzman so awesome? Here’s another reason to add to the list:

2) Home for the holiday.

Things I especially like in this photo: Melissa’s face, Shad’s claw and Gio the statue.

3) Overhearing a tough guy at the craft store, upon entering with his wife, say “Hey look. They got that red stuff.”

4) Lykke Li:

5) Snow days.


Not so much:

1) Moldville, USA 2010:

But at least I got to stay at the Hyatt Grand with Julia and this view (thanks, Shad!) We wore robes and it was awesome.


2) While writing this post I got up to find my power cord. I slipped on a folder laying on my floor (negligence), surfed across the room and fell on my face. I was laughing, and still am, but I think I broke my knee.

3) I found out that the last thing I google searched was “pppppppppppppppp.” Thanks, Nutmeg. Here’s a pic of her loving pandora Christmas music.

4) I had to go to the doctor for an infectious disease I’ve acquired. Just kidding, it’s not that serious. But the medicine sure is. The doctor said, “This medicine is safe, but has a tendency to blow out people’s achilles heels. So….” So, should I risk pneumonia or a ruptured tendon? Roomies say ruptured tendon b/c I’m not really a mobile person. I walk to Tully’s, my car, and the donut shop. Also, I surf across my room so an achilles heel is pretty unnecessary at this point in time.

5) A $48 parking ticket. Look on the bright side, it’s like I paid for a Deck the Hall Ball ticket and I’m just not going. Perfect.

hello world

November 7, 2010


1) This conversation in my Chinese workbook. I literally LOL’ed -as the kids say- at the coffeeshop by my house (coffeeshop in Seattle?). Chinese youth are sassy.


2) I got a package of treasures in the mail from these wonderful people:


3) I think this dress hugs my curves in all the right places.

Amish fusion.

4) Julia and I sang Total Eclipse of the Heart at karaoke. Which reminds me of:

5) I found this beautiful picture of a “tweed ball.” Reminds me of the road. Shout out to my brother, God and about 3 American states.

Not so much:

1) I left my smartdog in the toaster oven way longer than I should have. I came back to this puffy soy biscuit.

2) Our house is covered in mold, none of the doors close and we have single paned windows which makes our house colder than the outside world. I call it “rustic!” or “a real fixer upper!”


That’s all for now. I gotta get to church. Amen.


tricks and treats

November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

We got 5 trick-or-treaters.

Our haunted house.

Sydney’s gourd.

Nutmeg immortalized.

“Her name is Gilly and she’s at it again!”