hodge + podge

April 12, 2011

Spring has sprung in Seattle. I like alliteration. And standing in the street to get a photo, but people here don’t judge you for that. They judge you for wearing gold and hating sensible footwear. Amongst many other things. But here we go. Spring, documented for all you NYers still traipsing around town in your Ugg boots.

Seattleites also like making something pretty out of something ugly. Prime example: Gas Works Park. Once a gasification plant (?), this park now opens it’s scary, industrial arms to the public for both fun, and views beyond your wildest imagination. I should be a travel writer. You will witness fun outdoor activities like hula hooping and tightrope walking.

If you’re not in the mood for the outdoors (gasp, you should be stoned) then play some Big Buck Hunter and everyone in Seattle will forget that you’re a horrible human for the time being. Hit a lion and they may love you forever.

Or maybe you’re more into dusting off the wii and shaking it like a polaroid picture.

So, as you can see, Seattle is grand. And here’s me sitting on a troll.



One Response to “hodge + podge”

  1. bill Says:

    i always love it, kate!!!

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