Seattle Public Transit

March 29, 2011

Seattle has some pretty kooky characters. All you have to do is step onto a free ride area bus in downtown Seattle to meet one. I decided to write a post about the ten most interesting bus experiences/characters I’ve had thus far in Seattle. This post isn’t picture heavy, for good reason. You can thank me now. You’re welcome.

1) A man in normal street clothes and a satin top hat simply enjoying his afternoon ride.

2) Scene: a little girl is talking to her mother for a few minutes about all the things she wants to visit in Seattle. A lady in front of them turns around and screams, SHUT UP!!!!!!! at the top of her lungs. The mother and daughter continue to talk in whispers, unfazed.

3) A man gets off the bus walking around with these as his shoes:

4) Julia and I sit across from a dog shoved into a ladies backpack so precariously that it looks like it’s just a head riding on the bus.

5) I hear an awful sound coming from the back. I don’t turn around because I realize a woman is hocking loogies behind me. I just hope she is a safe distance away (note: This is the first time I have ever written out “hocking loogies.” I had to look up the spelling, don’t judge me.).

6) Scene: A drunk man is starting all kinds of trouble with people on the bus. He has a stare off for about 1.5 minutes with a man sitting across from me. He then gets up and breaths his wonderfully stale beer into my face and tries to sit/squeeze in between my friend Timothy and I (of course he does, we’re great!). Timothy, fed up at this point in time, puts up his hand, cocks his head to the side , points to the back of the bus and says, “SIR. SIT. DOWN.” My hero. Polite too.

7) A girl sits next to me and hits me every 3 seconds with her elbow on a 25 minute bus ride. I don’t say anything because she is very sweet and texting furiously. I bit her adieu. The next day she sits next to me again. This time she yells into her bedazzled iphone for 25 minutes. I bid her adieu, again. Then I see her as I’m running around Greenlake the following weekend. I can’t escape her and I’m now scared of riding the 16.

8 ) A cat meowing at the top of it’s poor lungs because it’s owner has it in a bag. I wanted to say, “let the cat out of the bag!” but I hate cliches.

9) A man made me shake hands with him. When I got to work I washed my hands in scalding water.

10) A man comes onto the bus with a large cooler and a bottle of window cleaner. Singing “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics, he starts combing his beard. While I am writing down all of these incredible details so I never forget him, he looks at me and says, “You a writer?” I shake my head, no. His reply: “Oooohhh, so you just write stuff down so you don’t forget.” Exactly.

Here’s to you, crazy bus people. See you tomorrow.


4 Responses to “Seattle Public Transit”

  1. Jacquie Says:

    You made my morning Kate Barker. I can hear you speak every detail…and I really did LOL. Thanks for “writing stuff down”! Miss you.

    Next blog…give us the pictures, we want them!

  2. Jem Says:

    You bit her? Very uncharacteristic of you. And yet not. I hope you left teeth marks, so the next time you see bedazzled phone girl, she’s scared of you.

  3. bill Says:

    that was great!!

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