It’s a marshmallow world in the winter

December 3, 2010

Well, the end of the quarter is looming and I’ve been negligent in more ways than one. For example, I haven’t been writing on this interwebz. Second, I have not swiffered my floor like I promised myself I would 2 weeks ago. Apologies in the grandest form.



1) Why is Jason Schwartzman so awesome? Here’s another reason to add to the list:

2) Home for the holiday.

Things I especially like in this photo: Melissa’s face, Shad’s claw and Gio the statue.

3) Overhearing a tough guy at the craft store, upon entering with his wife, say “Hey look. They got that red stuff.”

4) Lykke Li:

5) Snow days.


Not so much:

1) Moldville, USA 2010:

But at least I got to stay at the Hyatt Grand with Julia and this view (thanks, Shad!) We wore robes and it was awesome.


2) While writing this post I got up to find my power cord. I slipped on a folder laying on my floor (negligence), surfed across the room and fell on my face. I was laughing, and still am, but I think I broke my knee.

3) I found out that the last thing I google searched was “pppppppppppppppp.” Thanks, Nutmeg. Here’s a pic of her loving pandora Christmas music.

4) I had to go to the doctor for an infectious disease I’ve acquired. Just kidding, it’s not that serious. But the medicine sure is. The doctor said, “This medicine is safe, but has a tendency to blow out people’s achilles heels. So….” So, should I risk pneumonia or a ruptured tendon? Roomies say ruptured tendon b/c I’m not really a mobile person. I walk to Tully’s, my car, and the donut shop. Also, I surf across my room so an achilles heel is pretty unnecessary at this point in time.

5) A $48 parking ticket. Look on the bright side, it’s like I paid for a Deck the Hall Ball ticket and I’m just not going. Perfect.


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