number of redemption

May 2, 2010


1) This little series of photos entitled, We’re on our way to the zoo!” On a related note, I am loving the hipstamatic app for el iphone. 

2) The Bronx Zoo was so much fun. I love friends, animals, 80 degree weather and jumbo pretzels. So you know I was happy. Also, Joe found a parking spot on the street cause he’s a supa freak. So that was great too. 

[ I didn’t get a family shot of Janine, Adrian, Vicky and the babies like I thought I did. That shot should be in this little montage. Wahh. ]

3) Gorillas get their own spot because they are so beautiful. I definitely knocked out a few dozen children to get these shots.

4) After the zoo we went to Arthur Avenue for some Italian food. I think we would have enjoyed it more if we weren’t exhausted from walking 45 miles all morning/afternoon.

5) On Friday night I put on some heels and got to celebrate my birth with my friends. Hilarity ensued.

Not so much:

1) Birthday week 2010 is officially over.



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