a birthday blog

April 29, 2010

Today was/is my birthday. It was a great day. Thank God we celebrate birthday weeks here in the Barker family. Let the fun continue! Here are some highlights so far:

1) Treasures in the mail. 

2) Erin and I found badminton racquets in Randy’s office today. We decided to play badminton with an office partition as a net and toiletpaper as a shuttlecock. I spiked the hell out of that toilet paper roll and Erin presented me with an MVP certificate. First time I ever got a sports related award. Dreams do come true.

3) My dad sent me an Edible Arrangements from California because he couldn’t be here. I love Edible Arrangements but my dad more.

[ Dad sleeping at some family function I can’t recall ]

Ok, so I’m not feeling a few things:

1) This sad kitty. I want to say, “Smile, Kitty! It’s your birthday!” And then I realize it’s a cat shoved into a stupid sweater sitting at a table, poor beast. 

2) Mi manchi troppo.


One Response to “a birthday blog”

  1. brother Says:

    A sports award?! I now having nothing on you! My 2nd place ribbon from the Old Bethpage Village Restoration means squat! lol

    I can only hope my future job incorporates a weekly badminton tournament…glad you’re having a super sweet birthday week! Enjoy!!! 😀

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